We created White Claw Premium Vodka to set a higher bar. We believe that "smooth” isn't just the absence of alcohol smell or burn. It's a minimal yet complex combination of feelings, aromas, and tastes in your mouth and nose—subtle notes of citrus at first, then grain, then a velvety finish. It's the spiritual equivalent of the whole-mouth sensation foodies know as umami. You can see it in the long "tears" stretching down the glass after you swirl it. It's the first ever vodka that can be sipped from a champagne flute.

White Claw Premium Vodka is so distinct that we needed a new word to describe it. Something smoother than smooth. We call it smooove. With at least three o's. And a v.

Our quest to make this vodka started in 2014, when Master Blender Andres Faustinelli and team began researching a new way to show drinkers what complexity looks, tastes, and feels like within the minimalist experience of vodka. The result, he says. "is perhaps the most complex production process of any vodka in the world and real innovation." The details of our process are top secret, but here's what we can share:

A bottle of White Claw™️ Premium Vodka is seen at an isometric angle from above
  • It begins with 100% Single Grain which is distilled five times in columns with copper plates.
  • The activated carbon we use for filtering isn't a by-product of coal mining, like some. We use more expensive but more environmentally friendly carbon from charred coconut shells.
  • We created a Triple Wave Filtration process, so called for our use of pressure equal to three 30-foot waves. Ever see what waves do to stones or shells? They smooth out the roughness, reveal contours and character—they do the same for our premium vodka.
  • We custom built the machinery for this process. Nothing like it exists in the world.
  • Each bottle of White Claw Premium Vodka, carefully bottled, hand inspected and embossed, appropriately, with the White Claw logo-the surge of three perfect crests coming together.
A bottle of White Claw™️ Premium Vodka is seen at an isometric angle from below

Who better than White Claw to seize upon the opportunity to create distinctive vodka? Disruption is in our DNA. Twenty years ago, we pioneered the flavour of field-grown fruit in an otherwise tasteless and nonexistent category, one of the most significant to come along since prohibition: hard seltzer.

That innovative spirit and technological knowhow inspired a vodka that is a platform for experimentation. Our Triple Wave process awakens inherent sweetness in the grain we use. Our vodka's velvety finish is designed to bring out the best of anything it touches.

Almost a decade after we set out to reimagine vodka, we're inviting a new generation to enjoy this minimalist spirit in ways they never knew were possible in North America.